Kids 50 Denier Tights - Black


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Kids Tights
Age Range
Jelly Tot 3-5 Years
Jelly Bean 5-7 Years
Jelly Bear 7-10 Years

We decided our kids tights needed a rethink to make sure they were the perfect fit for all those little legs so we’re trying out a new version on a different sizing scale to make sure we create what works for you. For school, to run, for parties and fun we’re introducing 3 new sizes:

Jelly Tot: 3-5 years
Jelly Bean: 5-7 years
Jelly Bear: 7-10 years

We’re testing them out in 50 denier black first to see what you and your mini Snagglers think and just like Goldilocks, if you find them to be ‘just right’ we’ll look at a wider colour range so you can get twinning and winning!

SIZING: We all come in different shapes and sizes and so do our kids! Our kids tights come in 3 size variants, Jelly Tot, Jelly Bean and Jelly Bear, to fit kids of different ages.

CONSTRUCTION:  All our tights and shorts have a cotton gusset and stretch in 3 dimensions to allow for comfort sizing across the width of the thigh and to ensure the tights stay in place all day. They have a comfort Elastane waistband and flat seams so that they don’t leave marks on their body. They're great for kids who are sensitive to seams. They’ve also got no nasty allergenic or carcinogenic additives so are beautifully safe to wear. As with all our products, these are naturally breathable and moisture-wicking so the kids won’t be uncomfortable and sweaty running around in them all day. All our products are made with polyamide, elastane and cotton.

CARE:  Always wash your Snags before you wear them the first time, to make sure there is no residual dye on them. Tights can get caught in the drum of a washing machine so always either hand wash them or else put them inside a pillowcase or lingerie bag to protect them. Always squeeze dry, don’t tumble dry, and avoid direct heat because it degrades the stretch. Wash with similar colours as colour can sometimes run in the wash.

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