Stay Cool Chub Rub Shorts - Hot Chocolate

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Stunning chocolate brown is a great alternative to black. Enhanced with special yarn to help you keep cool in the heat. The yarn has been designed to be super breathable and transfer body heat quickly.

Colour: Hot Chocolate (Click here to compare all our colours)

Size Guide All Tights

Tights Size Guide

Choosing the perfect size of Snag tights is really easy. Just find your regular clothing size in the chart and trace along to find your height. Your Snag size will be a letter in the table. There are two different types depending if you have a prominent bum and tum or not. 

Curvilicious (Prominent bum and/or tum)

Clothes Size <5'3 5'4-5'8 5'9-6'5
4/6 A/B A/B C
8/10 C C D
12/14 D D E
16/18 E E F
20/22 Short F F G
24/26 Short F F G
28-36 G G G

Athletic (Small or flat bum and/or tum)

Clothes Size <5'3 5'4-5'8 5'9-6'5
4/6 A/B A/B A/B
8/10 A/B A/B C
12/14 C C D
16/18 D D E
20/22 E E F
24/26 Short F F G
28-36 G G G

Why did we make this? Chub rub afflicts everyone who has thighs so sexy they can’t stop touching each other. Deodorant? Cream? Doesn’t last! Cycling shorts? Too thick, and restrictive. So we came up with a permanent solution that really works. Chub rub is finally, banished forever!

Why is this special? Designed to keep you a degree cooler, Chub Rubs use perfected knitting techniques with specially designed nano tech yarn for coolness, softness, breathability and moisture wicking properties. With 12 inches of multi dimensional stretch, you can be guaranteed the perfect fit. Snag Chub Rub Shorts are knitted for robustness, have a cotton gusset for freshness, are quick drying and opaque. A stay put waistband is designed with both a vertical and horizontal ribbing, so there is no rolling down and is high rise to sit just below a bra line so they smooth over the body and look great under clothes.

Our chub rub shorts are the only ones in the world that can be recycled. So you can be sure you aren’t just saving your thighs but helping preserve the environment.

How did we design this? Chub Rub Shorts are designed on a UK size 24 model and then fit tested on models of every size to ensure the perfect fit. We don't change suppliers and over years have built a relationship that ensures consistent, long lasting shorts that are more ethical and better for your wardrobe.

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Why People 💖 Us

Perfect under dresses - I loved these during the summer months and enjoyed wearing lots of dresses without worrying about chub rub!

Comfortable and well fitting. Material is cool and washes so easily. I use these under tee shirts and dresses and skirts and will use them under trousers for winter.

Product Details: 

  • Chub Rub Shorts
  • Composition: A/B - E: 94% Polyamide, 5% Elastane & 1% Cotton.
  • Composition: Short F - G: 89% Polyamide, 10% Elastane & 1% Cotton
  • Country of origin: Italy

CARE: Always wash your Snags before wearing them the first time, this ensures no residual dye is left on them. Always wash your shorts with similar colours as they may run in the wash. Shorts can get caught in the drum of a washing machine, so always either hand wash or put them inside a pillow case or lingerie bag to protect them. Always squeeze dry, don’t tumble dry, and avoid direct heat as it degrades the stretch.