Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Our production process is carbon neutral, and our dying systems use recycled water. We are single use plastic free through our entire production and dispatch process and use recycled materials whenever it’s possible. We are working on a process to recycle our tights – bringing a complete circle to the tights economy. We couldn’t sleep at night if we weren’t constantly trying to make Snag more sustainable.

We use vegan dyes and the majority of our range is entirely animal free. For our merino wool tights we use organic merino from New Zealand that is completely muelsing free. Our tights are made in North Italy and travel by road to our warehouses. All our rejected tights go to Hey Girls. We also work with a range of charities each year which are suggested by our customers.


Affordability is important to us - comfortable and sustainable clothes should be accessible to everybody! At Snag, we keep a fixed margin, thereby passing any savings on to you. This means that when you buy a product from us you know that we’ve put the money into the product and not into our pockets. We also offer a range of discounts - the more you buy, the more you save! Because of how our pricing works, we don’t do sales ever and we don't partake in Black Friday - we can’t afford to!


We pay everyone who works for Snag or who produces a product for us a living wage. In order for people to live good and fulfilling lives they need to be paid fairly. We won’t work with any businesses that don’t feel the same way. We also try to source all our freelance needs from the Snag community because anyway we can give back and support each other is good. If we can make people’s lives better we will.