Plus Size Tights

Best Tights for Plus Size

Plus size tights are defined online as tights that are not too tight, that don't roll down and don't dig in on bigger bodies. Isn't that how tights should be for everyone? We know that sizes in fashion are broken. Split into labels; tall, petite, plus size, men's, women's. It should be simple...'clothes that fit'.

What are the best tights for plus size AND every other body shape? Snag Tights. Keep scrolling or click here to shop all tights.

Plus Size Tights

We set out to fix fashion and we have. 'Normal' tights vary in length, but not in width, which is why it is so hard to find tights that actually fit. Snag tights are first designed on a UK size 24 model, then fitted onto a variety of different body shapes before being produced. Snag tights are in sizes 4-36 and have '3D stretch', so they expand in all directions and mould to all different body shapes.

Find The Perfect Pair of Tights

You won't see us calling Snag tights 'Plus size tights', because we just don't believe in that label. What we can do, is help you pick the perfect pair. Snag tights are in sizes 4-36 and have 3D stretch so they fit any body shape. These are high waisted tights, that are durable, won't roll down or dig in and to top it off, Snag tights have so many styles. Classic black tights, patterns, bright colours, fishnets, mock garters and seasonal limited edition tights.

Range of Deniers

Snag tights come in a range of deniers, from 30 to 120. What does denier mean? In the most simple terms, the lower the number, the more transparent or sheer the tights are. 30 denier tights will show a lot of skin tone through the material. 120 denier tights will be thick, show barely any skin tone through the material and will be warm.

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