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Fruit Salad Chub Rub Shorts

Let’s Get Snagadelic Baby!!

We know that dungarees and pinafores are all the rage, but
do they FIT?

Restrictive? Wandering boobs? Boxy!? NAH! Meet Snagarees and

We’ve created a super comfy stretchy sustainable version of
these must have items. We are so excited for you to try them!

And let’s face it, you’ll look GRR BABY, VERY GRR.

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Capri and Footless

Pop em Socks

Cute Colours

Made in Italy ❤︎

Snags are knitted in Italy, just north of beautiful Lake Garda. Our team are passionate about creating the very best tights ethically with love. We are plastic packaging free, use vegan dyes and develop our sizes on real people. We’ve got you covered from size 4 to 36 and up to 6’5.

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