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You Deserve Better - TV Ad Competition

Here at Snag HQ, we've been busy brainstorming a TV ad that shows off Snag. We have decided that it's time to tell the women of Britain that they deserve better than ill-fitting tights that squeeze you and make you feel rejected. We started struggling when trying to cast for our ad.

Then we realised, who better to talk to the country about Snag than our customers! You guys helped us build Snag with your passion and dedication. We couldn't have done any of this without you! So we want you to star in our ad - well one of you. We thought you guys would be far better at making this than we would. You're all so creative so we want you to write an ad, film the ad and then send it to us!

We're taking ad submissions from today till April 22nd. We will review all of them and you'll get £1,000 if we choose you! Bonus: You'll get to be on TV!!!! The video can be at any stage that you're happy with. We're beyond happy with just the raw footage and if we really love it we'll edit it into an ad for TV and you'll still win the competition! 

Theme: You Deserve Better
Deadline: April 22nd, 2019 12 PM GMT 
Prize: £1,000 & you get to be on TV! 

Requirements: You need to be 18+ to enter. You need to submit your video via addressed to


  • Between 15 to 30 seconds (We can't accept anything over this!)
  • The video needs to be in HD, iPhone HD is fine.
  • You have to say Snag Tights, Tights that Fit, the size range from 6 to 36 and the price 'from £6.99'
  • The theme is You Deserve Better and you have the freedom to create within the theme but we really want to show women of Britain that they deserve better! 
  • You can do it alone or with friends but a person has to be in it! 

We've gathered some ideas to help you get started and frame your ad but these are just optional:

  • You can mention your name.
  • You can use a hashtag. Some examples are: #tightsthatfit #youdeservebetter or anything else you'd think is appropriate!
  • Why don't tights fit? Because they've all been the same width and only changed in length. 
  • Snag brings you tights that really fit! 
  • You can talk about our range of colours and patterns 
  • No more digging, sagging or rolling 

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