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(Prominent bum and/or tum)
SIZE (UK) <5'3 5'4-5'8 5'9-6'5
4/6 AB AB C
8/10 C C D
12/14 D D E
16/18 E E F
20/22 Short F F G
24/26 Short F F G
28-36 G G G
(Small or flat bum and/or tum)
SIZE (UK) <5'3 5'4-5'8 5'9-6'5
4/6 AB AB AB
8/10 AB AB C
12/14 C C D
16/18 D D E
20/22 E E F
24/26 Short F F G
28-36 G G G

30 Denier Vintage Tights - Nemesis - American Tan


Starts Dispatching February 28th

Starts Dispatching November 10th

Limited Edition

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  • Vintage style sheer tights with classic back seam
  • Colour: American Tan
  • Seen in the Hollywood film 'See How They Run'
  • Vintage foot detail
  • Cotton gusset
  • Buy any 3 pairs of tights or shorts get 10% off
  • Buy any 5 pairs get 15% off
  • Buy 10+ pairs get 25% off
  • Free shipping on orders over £70
  • Composition: 84% Polyamide, 15% Elastane & 1% Cotton
  • Country of origin: Italy

Snag Tights are on the big screen! The Nemesis vintage range echoes the glitz and glamour of 1950's London, and that back seam really is just to die for! The colour choices were picked by the studio to really fit the vibe of the 'Whodunit' movie 'See How They Run', but we want MORE!

After you amazing Snagglers have chosen your favourite tones (there is a poll on social media right now), they will be dolled up in the fifties style and added to the range. Watch this space.

Share your snags: #snagseehowtheyrun

SIZING: Unlike other brands we vary the width, as well as the length of our tights and Chub Rub shorts so they really fit. Our tights come in 7 size variants, to fit dress sizes 4-36. Use our handy Size Guide to help you find the right size for you - Size Guide.

CARE: Always wash your Snags before wearing them the first time, this ensures no residual dye is left on them. Always wash your tights with similar colours as they may run in the wash. Tights and shorts can get caught in the drum of a washing machine, so always either hand wash or put them inside a pillow case or lingerie bag to protect them. Always squeeze dry, don’t tumble dry, and avoid direct heat as it degrades the stretch. 

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