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How to Buy Tights as Presents (When You Don’t Know Anything About Tights)

So, you want to buy your friend/ partner/ family member some tights but you literally know absolutely nothing about tights? Don't worry - you've come to the right place!

Do tights make good presents

Tights make great gifts for the hosiery wearers in your life. They come in so many colours, patterns and styles that there's really something for everyone no matter what style wardrobe they have. They're great stocking fillers, and are perfect all year round!

But if you don't wear tights yourself you may feel you have no idea where to start on your gift buying journey. So if you want to buy tights as a gift for a special someone in your life but need a little extra help, we've got you!

Step One: Check their collection

If you're able to, check their tights collection to see what they’ve already got. This gives you a great insight into their style and what pairs they might want to recieve, plus it avoids you buying them a duplicate of what they've already got.

If you don't have access to take a sneaky look at their collection, why not have a scroll on their Instagram so you can get a sense of their style.

Of course you could always ask them if there are any new pairs they want - but that's a lot less subtle!

Step Two: Figuring out their size

Before you can buy them any tights, you have to figure out their size! You may know it already, but the easiest way to determine their Snag size is to check the label on a pair of tights they already own. Simply take a cheeky look at the label and you've got their size in the bag.

If you can't get to one of their pairs, or they don't have any Snag's just yet, you can use their regular high street size to check out our size guide. You can always ask, but try and think of a subtle way to bring it up without tipping them off (if thats possible?!) Maybe you could say you're thinking about getting some tights for yourself and need a hand with your own size?

Step Three: Time to get shopping

Its time to go shopping! Head to our website to browse all our amazing Snaggy goodness! If you need any more inspiration, take a look at our gift guides stuffed full of Christmas present ideas. No matter who you're buying for, there's something for everyone at Snag, whether its a few pairs of tights as a stocking filler, or one of our more big ticket items like a luxury robe to really make someone's Christmas super special this year.

Don’t forget our multibuy discounts so you can treat them (or yourself) to even more pairs to get more bang for your buck!

Snag Bucks

If that all sounds like a bit too much faff, why not get your person some Snag Bucks? A gift voucher they can spend on whatever they’d like from our website stuffed full of gorgeous Snagarific loveliness. You can rest assured they can pick exactly what they want - and will love how thoughtful you were!


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