Jobs At Snag

Our mission is to smash the fashion patriarchy and make great clothes for every body.

We believe everybody should have clothes that fit; and our people should have a work environment that fits them too. Whether you love the 9-5, 7-4 or 3-8, we don’t care when or where you work as long as it helps you deliver your best work and achieve your potential.

We genuinely value inclusivity and flexibility - the majority of our senior management team are working parents and we have a genuinely diverse workforce. We don't demand degrees or insist on obscure qualifications, we welcome people with the passion and talent to help us change fashion for good.

What it's like working at Snag...Chaos!

No seriously. We like to think it's creative, empowering, inspiring chaos but it's still chaos. This is probably not the right place for you if you crave structure and routine.

We were a virtual business before everyone started doing it, and we always will be. With the exception of our amazing warehouse teams (who work on site) and product team (who have a dedicated studio in London to meet Snagglers and fit garments in person) , everybody works remotely - we don't have an office, we don't do bowling nights, and you won't have to memorise your co-workers pets names (unless you want to).

There are no set working hours, whether you love the 9-5, 7-4 or 3-8 it doesn’t matter as long as the work is done.

We don’t use email, we use WhatsApp. Because it's not the 90s anymore. There's no hierarchy of communications, if you want to message Brie directly, she's always happy to chat with everyone.

We truly value inclusivity, for us this means individuality, not restrained by societal norms. We welcome all applicants no matter age, gender, ability status or race. Tattoos, coloured hair and a fondness for Dungeons & Dragons are all pretty normal round here.

We love ideas that challenge what’s been done before.

If routine and stability are your thing, we’re probably not the company for you and that’s ok. But if you thrive on being empowered in a high trust, high responsibility environment and are passionate about making fashion work for every body then we think you'll like it here.

Don't see anything here that suits you?

You can email your CV to and we will get in touch if any suitable roles come up. For privacy reasons we'll only hold onto your details for 3 months, so remember to check back here from time to time.

No CV? No Problem.

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