Collab With Snag

It takes a movement to change the world, and we love working with brands and individuals who are as passionate about inclusivity and sustainable fashion as we are!


We use real Snagglers as our models, we love representing as many people as possible in our photos. Snapped a pic and really feeling yourself? The best way for us to see your pictures is to tag us on social media @snagtights or use the #snagtights hashtag. If you don't fancy that, you can drop us an email:

Brands & Influencers

If you're a brand or influencer and you've got an idea for a collab with us get in touch -

Press & Media

We do all our own PR so if you're interested in writing a story about us or want a quote on anything fashion related get in touch direct -

Photoshoots, Costume & Wardrobe

There's nothing we like more than seeing Snags on screen or in print. If you're planning a photo shoot, putting on a play or making the next blockbuster and need some tights for the talent just get in touch -

Charity Requests

We have long term charity partnerships such as Hey Girls, which are so important to us.

We are so sorry, but this means that we cannot donate money or supply ad-hoc products for other causes. We wish we could as each cause is so important.