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Snag Recycling Programme

Snag Recycling Programme

At Snag, we’re committed to doing things ethically and sustainably. Our entire clothing range is made from materials that don’t hurt the environment and all of our factories treat their workers fairly and pay living wages. We have always wondered though, why there was no recycling process for tights - so we decided to work on one.

We are super proud to announce that your Snag Tights are now fully recyclable! We’ve created a process specifically for our tights that turns your snags into permanent industrial components.

While we’re currently working on funding for you to send your tights back to us for free, for now, to bring your snags full circle and close the loop, we’re going to need your help!

Gather your damaged Snags
(Currently we can only recycle Snags!)

Post them back to us at:
Snag, Unit 4 Drummond Square, Brucefield Industrial Estate, Livingston EH54 9DH

As soon as they arrive, we’ll start the process of recycling them.

We’ve gathered a few ways that you can send them back to us if you’re in the UK:

Royal Mail: Just head over to any post office and post your snags back to the address above.

Hermes: Head over to their website to create a shipping label that you can pay for online and print out at your local Hermes pick up spot.

If you’re looking for other ways to reuse your Snags, we’ve started a new series on the different ways our Snagglers already repurpose their snags. Check back here once a week or explore our socials to see the next installment!

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