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Is It Okay to Wear Tights in the Spring?

Is It Okay to Wear Tights in the Spring?

Is It Okay to Wear Tights in the Spring?

Did you know you can wear tights all year round?

Yes! You don’t have to stop wearing tights just because the seasons change!

For some reason, the fashion police have decided that wearing tights outside of winter is a complete no-no. Not saying that tights are one of fashion's greatest inventions of all time, but why would you limit yourself to wearing tights for only a few months of the year?

Long gone are the days of tights or stockings being drab, dreary saggy affairs your granny would wear. You don’t have to suffer with bare legs after the false spring sunshine has duped you into thinking the weather has changed. Plus you don’t even have to worry about ladders or snags any more. Tights are cool. Tights are fashionable. Tights are the must-have accessory of the season.

Can you still wear tights in spring?

You can wear tights all year round. Different deniers or styles are going to suit different outfits depending on the vibe you are going for, but you can absolutely wear tights as we transition into a new season.

Spring is the perfect time to wear tights because of the unpredictable weather we get in March and April. It's never quite warm enough to rock the bare-leg look (as much as that lovely sunshine tries to fool you), but it's always a little too warm to be rocking the thick woollies or other warm and cosy tights. But have no fear! Spring is lower deniers’ time to shine! 50 denier tights are a perfect compromise. The lighter denier means a lighter coverage that lets your natural skin tone shine through. They’re also more breathable so can keep you nice and breezy and avoid overheating. BUT if the weather does take a turn, they have enough coverage to stop you from shivering in an April shower and keep you warm.

Lighter denier tights are also great for spring as they come in so many colours and patterns. Of course, there’s classic black, which makes your legs look oh-so chic with that sheer effect. Skin tone nudes are also an elegant choice, blending into your skin tone for a ‘your legs but better’ look. It's great to fool everyone into thinking that you’ve started whipping out your legs early, and are a go-to staple for any occasion whether you’re going for brunch or heading to the office.

Can I wear colourful tights in spring?

It wouldn’t be spring without the world exploding into gorgeous colour. Flowers are blooming, the sky is a brilliant bright blue and the spring sunshine really just makes everything pop - what better way to embrace the beauty of the season than by coordinating your wardrobe to match? Tights make an amazing accessory on this front, coming in so many styles, colours and patterns that mean you can create endless outfit options no matter your style. Pastel tights are an obvious winner for spring, with sweet soft hues being a style favourite all season long. If you want something a bit brighter, go for bold and vibrant oranges, pinks and blues for a pop of colour that's sure to make a statement.

Spring is also a fantastic time to experiment with your look and whip out some patterns. Classic florals are always a go to (looking at you Meryl) but polka dots, geometics, fishnets or other patterns make an absolute statement to create looks around. Try our elegant dinky polka dots or heart prints for spring outfits to make you swoon.

Can you wear tights with trainers and a dress?

Spring style, in my opinion, creates the absolute best looks of the year. Flowy sundresses, denim jackets, white trainers - all gorgeous style staples that look epic on everyone. You can absolutely wear tights with any of these things, and tights with trainers and a dress is literally an ideal spring look you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. For some more style inspo, why not wear your favourite coloured tights with a denim skirt and white tee, or wear skin-tone tights under a pair of shorts with chunky trainers to look like you’ve embraced the summer weather?! Tights look great as an accessory to every outfit and really open up your wardrobe to a tonne of style possibilities.

What is the rule for tights?

I’m going to let you into a secret - when it comes to tights there are no rules!

Don’t let the fashion industry or anyone else tell you what not to wear. If you’re comfy and confident and happy with your outfits - then wear them! Wearing tights in spring is a no-no for so many people, but really it all comes down to you and what you like. So if you want to rock your tights in April and beyond - go for it!

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