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Regular Cup Bra - Milk Bottle


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Not only do the Snag bras look amazing under clothes, giving you a great silhouette and bust projection, but they are the comfiest bra you will ever own. The super stretchy ribbed fabric has wide adjustable straps, an adjustable hook and eye clasp and power mesh for added support. There is no underwire, no padding and no waiting to whip your bra off at the end of the day. These are Snag bras, bras rebuilt.

Snag Bra's don't use traditional sizing (as you told us this just doesn't work). So we redesigned it. It is really important that you measure yourself properly to get the most comfortable bra that fits amazingly and gives the best support. The size guide has precise measurements and we even have a video and blog post that shows you exactly how to measure yourself. For the video, click here to watch. For the blog post, click here to read now.

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Since we started making tights we’ve had requests to make bras. It wasn’t easy!

To make something better than what’s currently available, we had to totally rethink what bras are. We went through dozens and dozens of iterations, while we learned what was important and what wasn’t.

We came up with this:

  • Cup sizes are confusing and don’t really work well
  • Underwires are uncomfortable and don’t last
  • Straps tend to fall off shoulders so you lose support completely
  • Rigidity in bras is restrictive to movement

The aim was something soft and comfortable, but with more support than a stretchy bralette, way more projection than a sports bra, and ridiculously more comfortable than an underwired bra.

What Is The Snag Bra?

We used an incredible ribbed dense stretchy fabric that provides a huge amount of support with comfort and movement, and gave this an extra punch with mesh over the bust. This means you get a cup that stretches rather than having to be a fixed size, so instead of a ridiculous number of unexplainable cup sizes you have just two; regular and full. It also means you have all the support of an underwire bra with no underwire. We use a comfortable but very supportive under-band made with a less flexible but soft stretch fabric so you get all the projection you could possibly want. We made adjustable straps and moved them closer together so they don’t fall down. So in total you have a supportive bra, with great projection and ridiculously levels of comfort, that doesn’t need adjusting all day.

Which is the right bra for me?

We have 9 back sizes just pick the one that corresponds to the size you normally wear on your top half for a fitted look (if you normally size up for a oversized look don’t do that here)

If your breasts feel big for your size, you’ve ever been called busty, you’ve had to buy bras from specialist providers or ranges, shirts pop open on you, then go for the full cup.

If you don’t have these problems go for the regular cup.

Now, if you are a kinda in the middle size you can go for regular if you want a bit of extra cleavage or full for a more streamlined look.

But I find all my existing bras really comfortable.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. This product is really for people who’ve struggled being truly comfortable in a bra.

Can You Help Me Find The Right Size Bra?

Definitely! Please email us: with a picture in your best fitting bra and we’ll get back to you with our recommended size.

Where can I give you feedback on this product?

Our special feedback form - click here or please email

  • Composition: Outer: 86% Recycled Polyester 14% Elastane. Lining: 84% Polyamide 16% Elastane
  • Country of origin: Turkey

Care: Snag bras are machine washable at 30°C. Wash them before you wear for the first time. Wash with similar colours. Do not bleach.

Size Guide Regular Cup Bra

Regular Cup Bra Size Guide (cm)

Snag Bras are super soft and comfy with no underwire in sight. There are no cup sizes here because they are designed using a material that has four way stretch that moulds to your bust and the back fastening has 4 hook and eyes for a customised underband fit. Follow the size guide below to find your perfect Snag Bra and keep scrolling for detailed fitting and size advice.

We have the perfect video to help you measure yourself for your Snag Bra, click here to watch. Or if you fancy a read, we also have a blog post too, click here to read now.

Snag Size Underbust Bust At Fullest
Size 1 62-70 65-74
Size 2 71-80 75-84
Size 3 81-88 85-95
Size 4 89-102 96-104
Size 5 103-110 105-115
Size 6 111-123 116-131
Size 7 124-134 132-145
Size 8 135-150 146-155
Size 9 151-164 156-168

How to measure Snag Bras

UNDERBUST: Wrap your measuring tape around your body underneath your boobs, at the base of the breast tissue. Keep the tape level to the floor. Breathe normally. Holding your breath may give an incorrect measurement. The tape should be fitting snugly against your body, but not too tight.

BUST AT FULLEST: Wrap your measuring tape around your body at the fullest part of your bust. We recommend wearing your best fitting bra to take this measurement, ideally with no/minimal padding. Keep the tape level with the floor and breathe normally, do not hold your breath. Relax your arms down by your sides (or close to your sides if measuring yourself).

TOP TIP: Having someone to help you measure may be easier, but if you're alone try standing in front of a mirror so you can check your tape is as level as possible.

Our bras are available in 2 cup sizes, Regular and Full. Our Regular cups have been designed to accommodate smaller bust to under band ratios. Our fuller cups have been designed to accommodate larger bust to under band ratios. If you are looking for light support lounge bra with a focus on comfort, size up. If you are looking for greater lift and firm support, size down

Your Preference

These soft cup, non wired bras are the perfect comfort lounge bra. The flexible 4-way stretch rib outer fabric moves with you and is moisture wicking, whilst the mesh lining provides support. Snag bras can also provide a surprising amount of lift and support for every day wear. If you are finding yourself at the very smallest or largest end of a bust at fullest measurement bracket, consider how you like your bra to fit and feel.

If you are looking for light support lounge bra with a focus on comfort, size up.
If you are looking for greater lift and firm support, size down. When trying on your new Snag bra, it is recommended to have a few hooks available to be able to adjust and tighten over time as the bra loosens.

Why are we not providing cup sizes on the size chart?

Our bras can accommodate a range of cup sizes. The 4-way stretch material moulds to your bust and the back fastening has 4 hook and eyes for a customised under band fit. During the 2 years it has taken to develop our first Snag bra, we have fit tested on a range of models from an A to a J cup.

But did you know that 80% of women do not know their correct bra size? The traditional method of calculating a cup size from your under bust and bust measurement can often overestimate your band size and underestimate your cup size. Studies have shown that as your band size increases, this calculation can become even more inaccurate.

Your breast shape and volume may dictate your best bra size beyond the limitations of a measurement chart. In this case we advise you to use our personal preference guide and trouble shooting tips along with the size chart provided. If you need further guidance please get in touch, our team are happy to help.


If your Snag bra is not fitting as well as you would like, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Are your straps slipping? Try tightening the straps. If the problem persists, check your under band. Is it still too loose when on the smallest hook and eye? You may need to size down.

Are your straps digging in? Try loosening the straps. If the problem persists, check your under band. Is it still too loose when on the smallest hook and eye? You may need to size down so that more support is given at the under band, taking the pressure off of the straps. If you have a very full bust, straps digging in after hours of wear can be a common complaint. In this case we recommend trying our bra strap pads.

Do you have side boob? Try loosening the straps. If the problem persists, you may need to size up.

Do your boobs spill over the cups? The cups may be too small. Try sizing up.

Are your cups rippling, wrinkled or loose? The cups may be too large. Try sizing down.

Need further help? Please send 3 x clear well lit images (front, back and side view) wearing your Snag bra, along with your under bust and bust at fullest measurements to