About Me - Towel

Why did we make this? Fat people have always struggled with towels fitting around them, even so called 'XL Bath Sheets' don't fit around all bodies, so we made them so much bigger. You have been telling us for ages that we should do Snag towels, so here they are! This is the biggest towel you have ever seen, made from gorgeously fluffy and absorbent fabric that feels so soft on your skin you’ll never want to take it off.

Why is this special? When we say this towel is huge, we mean it! This super soft towel will wrap around you with room to spare, meaning no more streaking across the changing rooms because your towel was too small! Made with the softest, most luxurious cotton, an Aquafibro towelling fabric for super fast moisture wicking and drying. With ultimate comfort and absorbency, you’ll never want to go back to your other towels! Pair with our matching dressing gown for the bath set of your dreams!

How did we design this? By making a great towel that is actually bigger to accommodate all bodies. Not just that, but then we fit tested them across a range of body sizes and shapes to make sure everyone can have a snuggly bath towel that actually wraps around them completely. There is no sizing up or down needed, you can use the size guide to pick your perfect size. We don't change suppliers and over years have built a relationship that ensures consistent, long lasting clothes that will stay in your wardrobes for all seasons. Snag clothes are more ethical and better for your wardrobe.