Impact - Fair To The Planet – Snag

Snag don’t do fast fashion, we do fair fashion. Fair for you, our workers and the planet.

We champion clothes that uplift you, prioritise the planet and our people. Here's how we're stitching our values into the essence of our brand.

No Land Fills, Ever

Because our clothes fit, we have under 1% returns compared to an industry average of 30% or a fast fashion retailer who typically has 60%, and typically most returns go to landfill. We don’t send anything to landfill. Literally 0. Our returns are either resold or they go to the Hey Girls charity or other local charities to help keep people warm and succeed in job interviews.

Say No To Single Use

We don’t use single use plastic - why would we! We make sure we use paper or other natural sources instead, even our delivery packaging is plastic free.


Our factories and warehouses are powered more and more by renewables, our tights factory uses solar panels, and dye house recycled water. Where we see the opportunity to change we take it.


Our tights are the only recyclable tights in the world. We pioneered a nylon recycling technique which means if your tights ever give up the ghost we can recycle them for you making components parts for the tights or automotive industry.