Impact - Fair To Workers – Snag

Snag don’t do fast fashion, we do fair fashion. Fair for you, our workers and the planet.

We champion clothes that uplift you, prioritise the planet and our people. Here's how we're stitching our values into the essence of our brand.

Living Wage

We can’t stress how important this is, everyone that touches a snag product is paid a fair wage. In the U.K. that means we are a Living Wage Employer.

Fair Prices

The best way you can make sure a factory looks after their workers and the environment is paying a fair price for their products. So we make sure factories can really make our products well for the price they get paid.

Full Support

Every member of our teams has full support, including in times of personal crisis. Fully subsidised mental health services, extended training and open lines of communication at all times.

3rd Parties

We use independent assessors to make sure our factories have great sustainability credentials, but most importantly we visit them. We make them part of the family and we are there in the factory cheering them on when our products are being made.