My Little Pony

Are you ready to canter down memory lane to 1983?

Welcome to the Snag x My Little Pony tights collection. These iconic ponies typify everything that is wholesome and wonderful about the magic of friendship, kindness and acceptance.

What better way to celebrate this equine excellence than with a range of retro patterned tights so you can proudly display your own cutie marks wherever you go! You’ll ‘neigh’ want to miss this! 

We’ve created this collection with a New and Improved sublimation printing process. Choosing to print on 120 denier tights, we are able to deliver sharper detail, darker print and neater joins than ever before.

MY LITTLE PONY and HASBRO are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. ©️2021 Hasbro, Inc.

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