Size Guide

Normal tights vary in length, but not by width. That's why it can be such a struggle for anyone who doesn't have a "normal" body shape to find tights that actually fit. Our tights are genuinely different sizes, which means they vary in height, width and around the waist. This means they fit every body shape, but it can make picking the right size a challenge.

The right size for you will depend on not just your dress size, but also your height and your body shape. Our size guide below shows the best option for each combination, based on your dress size. Our 5ft 9+ range fits women up to 6ft5 comfortably as our tights have almost 12 inches of vertical stretch in them. All our tights are incredibly stretchy with a three-dimensional stretch so they're able to fit a larger range of sizes! Our Fishies come in sizes Fabulous and Stunning! Fabulous is Snag size A to D and Stunning is sizes E to F. For more information on maternity tights click here

UK Sizes

US Sizes

European Sizes


If you're curious about what the tights look like, We've included some photos of the full tights: 

We constantly review our sizes to see how we can make things better. We love getting feedback on how your Snags worked for you - you can get in touch via our Instagram @snagtights