Why The Snag Not

Weight loss searches plummet this January as Brits ignore ‘New Year, New You’ messages and practise self-acceptance

For 6 years we've been fighting against the fashion patriarchy and finally we're seeing our work come through in the way society thinks and acts. More and more people are starting to accept and appreciate the way they look without societal expectations getting in the way, and no longer falling victim to self hatred in the "new year, new you" narrative that hits every January.

Research Commissioned by Snag Found That:
  • Searches for ‘New Year diets’ have fallen by 39%
  • UK Google searches for ‘lose weight’ fell by 2% in the first 3 weeks of January 2024 compared to the same period last year
  • Over two-thirds (71%) of Brits did not make any New Year’s resolutions for 2024
  • 62% of Brits agree they are proud of their individuality and plan to embrace the things that make them unique in 2024.
The Power of Inclusive Thinking

Snag CEO and founder Brie Read said: “It’s clear that people are turning their backs on the ‘New Year, New You’ self-hatred narrative. It feels so last decade, the world has moved on and so has how people feel about their bodies and what matters most to them.

“While the start of a new year comes with a fresh outlook for many, that outlook is now different. According to our research, people are resolving to spend more time with those they care about, they are taking on new hobbies and interests and spending less time in social media. These things have become far more important than how we look. We hope our study gives cause for reflection to realise your 2023 self doesn’t need to change in 2024.”

"Fashion is all about showing you what you’re not. We show people as they are."

Brie Read, CEO Snag Tights

It started with one ill-fitting pair of tights...

... and now its a REVOLUTION

Why the Snag Not?!

We’re launching our rebels WITH a cause campaign Why the Snag Not! 🤜 🤛 

We’ve always been a brand on a mission. A mission to create a safe, inclusive space for every BODY. A quest to make life easier by making tights and clothes that actually FIT instead of making you feel ashamed for not fitting in.

🌈 Snag is not an aspirational fashion brand and we don’t want to be. We’re not here to sell you a dream – we’re here to celebrate your reality and every joyful inch of your existence with JOYFUL RESISTANCE!

Why the Snag NOT! Is about sticking two fingers up to the fashion patriarchy and being unapologetically you however you choose. We make the clothes but YOU make us a movement!

💜So join us by stepping out in Snagging colour

💛Saying SNAG THAT to the haters

🧡In clothes that Snagging Fit

💖Because you’re a snagging legend


Join us in shouting loud and proud about being yourself no matter what.

Snag yeah!