About Me - Belts

Why did we make this: For years, belts have been terrible! Sure they hold up your trousers, but at what cost? They're uncomfortable, always dig in and never sit quite right - and that's if you can actually find one to fit! That's why Snag belts were created! Designed to actually fit in 9 different sizes, rather than rubbish "one size fits all", these belts are ultra stylish and functional whether you wear them with jeans, trousers or dresses. 

Why is this special? If you're tired of belts that literally cut you in half and never fit right - you've come to the right place! Made from faux leather with nickel free hardware this belt comes in 9 different sizes to ensure a perfect fit every time - no more one size fits all! With gold hardware and an adjustable sliding belt loop for a clean and polished look no matter how you wear it, this belt will give you a clean silhouette. For a classic look and your new favourite accessory, Snag belts have got you covered.

Why This Factory? In our search for a factory specializing in high-quality accessories, adept at providing a variety of materials sourced from accredited, truly vegan origins, we found an ideal match. This particular facility impressed us right from the start with their first prototype, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and an unparalleled attention to detail that truly exceeded our expectations, they also had a willingness to work across a size range and to focus on a product that really fits.